TR: Cincinnati Fight Weekend feat. Broner/Taylor (9/6-9/7/2014)

I enjoy live fights. Always have, probably always will. For as exciting as it appears on TV, fighting in person, live – that’s a whole different animal. I also like cities, and while I’ve been to Cincinnati a couple of times before, I’ve never really stayed in downtown and committed myself to that specific urban area for a trip of any sort before. That is, until this past weekend. Learning that there would be boxing in Cincinnati excited me at first. Finding out it was headlined by Adrien Broner made it even more exciting. Finding out tickets were $28? I was sold right there. I even got my buddy Josh to hang out for the weekend, being a much more experienced Cincinnati visitor than I.

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TR: Labor Day Coaster Weekend (8/29 – 9/1/14)

Summer is already over. How did that happen? It just started, man. I was getting into the groove and everything. Of course, Labor Day weekend doesn’t actually mark the end of real summer, just a sociologically determined conclusion where the majority of American kids return to public schooling at about this time. Personally, I think it’s a load that we do things this way, but I don’t think anyone is opening up a blog post titled “Labor Day Coaster Weekend” to hear about someone’s feelings on the educational system in our country. So I won’t do that. Instead, I’ll talk about something else – a common theme on this particular blog. Continue reading

TR: The Wilds & other Central Ohio stuff (8/22-8/24/2014)

After spending a tidy sum on a new car and leaving it largely garage’d for the winter, this summer has gotten us plenty acquainted with our vehicle. My wife suggests she has Stockholm Syndrome related to those endless drives and only feels comfortable on epic, long mileage runs. I understand. We’ve had some pretty heavy driving summers before, but I can’t remember any quite this over the top. This weekend trip coincided with move-in week for Michigan State University. It wasn’t necessarily intentional when we chose it, but more or less a feature to be happy about, as we’d miss all the madness around our house. Actually, this was the only Saturday night available at The Wilds for a yurt when we went looking way back in mid-March. That’s crazy. Also means they must be a little successful.

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TR: Cedar Point & other stuff (8/8/14 – 8/10/2014)

I’ve done a bunch of Cedar Point trip reports, and so has everyone else that writes these sorts of things. We all know what to expect from the park and have personal opinions about things there. I’m not going to breakdown the attractions and rides this time, but more or less talk about what differences I see now versus previous trips and what I see coming down the pipeline.

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TR: Michigan’s Great Inland Lakes (Houghton & Higgins Lake) 8/3/2014

After living in Michigan for several years now, you’d think by now I’d have some mastery over the amusements of the region. On my own, I found plenty of stuff that’s pretty much not charted anywhere; DAFE still doesn’t list the Haunted Depot or the Mackinac Island Haunted Theater, and I documented those in trip reports 7 years ago. But even with all the leg work I’ve done and info I’ve compiled, things come out and strike me. Appearing on RCDB for the first time last year, Funland in Houghton Lake proved that there was still a permanent roller coaster in the state that either my wife or I hadn’t been on, and in no less than a part of the state we knew practically nothing about. Subsequent exploration discovered a tourism video displaying not only the small Funland, but a second family entertainment center (FEC) style attraction that was possibly larger – Lakeland Recreation. A day was chosen, and the weather cooperated with us in the best way possible.

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TR: Michigan’s Adventure (7/27/2014)

It is July, and what better time for the annual Michigan’s Adventure trip than now? Meredith has soured on the place, and she skipped out, preferring to spend the day with her mom relaxing at the cottage and enjoying a relaxing day of playing puzzles and reading used books purchased the day before. I, meanwhile, was driving off to Muskegon to partake in Michigan’s largest amusement park and, I guess, my home park.

Like many visits there over the years, there wasn’t any interest on my part to ride things such as Wolverine Wildcat or Thunderhawk. Been there. Done that. My concentration was on the rides that were things I hadn’t been on before which looked appealing and the one coaster there everyone knows about. So, two rides.

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TR: Ocean City MD and Delaware State Fair (7/17-7/20/2014)

Trip planning around our household is sometimes a bizarre process. A trip to Hong Kong can just as easily become a Caribbean cruise on a whim. Eventually, something just leaps out and commands our attention. We are helpless to that which ultimately demands our attention. This trip, thrown together two months ahead of travel, is the perfect example. Why Maryland? Why not? For only $147, two of us were able to fly round trip to Wilmington, DE prior to the Detroit route being ended. That’s an insane price in the current environment. And that airport is the perfect jumping off point to head east to the shoreline. Ocean City is a place we’ve been before and had a great time at, thus making it an ideal place to center this test drive of a new airline and new airport.

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